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Knowledge-Based Parenting

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About KBP

Knowledge-Based Parenting (KBP) is a 12 week diversion program designed to support parents, mentors, youth, and their families who have been in touch with the juvenile justice system. KBP is made up of five core components:


Juvenile justice reform and the science of child & adolescent development

Strengthening families

5 Protective Factors

Adverse childhood experiences

Family Engagement

Our diversion program for justice involved youth is designed to lift parents as leaders in the process of strengthening families using the 5 protective factors. We work hand-in-hand with probation and law enforcement leading a nation-wide movement to reform our juvenile justice system.

Classmates in Library

 Topics covered include. . .


  • the three domains of development

  • age and stage milestones & brain maturation

  • constructive guidance and discipline

  • effective communication & connection

  • understanding risk and protective factors

  • parenting tips and tools 

  • practical applications

This is NOT a behavior modification program.


 KBP is an Educational Program based on the Science of Child and Adolescent Development (SCAD).


The focus is on building reciprocal, respectful relationships with at-risk children. 


Training includes 12 weeks of virtual courses, a KBP handbook, access to course resource library, downloads, parenting tips, guest speakers, and Question and Answer(Q&A) sessions with experts in the Science of Child and Adolescent Development.

KBP and the Science of

Child & Adolescent Development

About KBP

3 Domains of Development

KBP uses a holistic approach to transform the juvenile justice system which involves family engagement with a focus on trauma informed responses to adverse childhood experiences, communities, and school curriculum using protective factors and parents as leaders.

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Our Curriculum called Knowledge Based Parenting (KBP) introduces a powerful paradigm shift and solution to how we have historically thought about and approached juvenile delinquency and diversion.

Our model creates collaboration, active participation and equal partners in the process of guiding children's/teen’s education and social/emotional development.  When collaborative partnerships are formed,  collaboration promotes dialogue among children/teens, parents, teachers, and officers, resulting in positive changes and diverting the path to delinquency.





Senta Greene, MA, CCLS

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